2008 Workshop Archive

The first Autumn Workshop was held in York on Friday 17th October 2008. We had a great venue, excellent facilities and some fantastic workshops delivered by a range of gifted presenters. The day was a total success and was completely sold out. In addition it gave every attendee 5 hours CPD to carry towards accreditation and re-accreditation.

The day consisted of 12 workshops and they were:

EMDR Supervision

What gets talked about? What the supervisee wants from EMDR supervision v. what EMDR accreditation requires: - David Blore EMDR Consultant & Facilitator.

This workshop is aimed at EMDR supervisors and supervisees alike, particularly those supervisees considering or already involved in working towards accreditation. Starting with the findings of the audit of supervision conducted earlier in 2008 immediately prior to the changing of the accreditation criteria, discussion will be focused on how to address supervisees needs and match those needs with the accreditation paperwork. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL.

EMDR Therapy in Groups

Kay Toon EMDR Consultant

This workshop will describe how 2 therapy groups in an NHS setting were run using EMDR to process severe traumas simultaneously in a group setting. The results (amazing!) and process will be discussed. Of interest to ALL LEVELS but only experienced practitioners would be able to run similar groups.

Using EMDR in Developmental Issues

Annette Morris - EMDR Practitioner

Workshop designed to explore some of the developmental issues encountered with clients and how to work with them. ALL LEVELS.

EMDR & Self Soothing

Sandy Browning - EMDR Consultant

A brief review of what is happening as a physiological neurobiological level and then looking at self soothing techniques to stabilise and strengthen client's resources to tolerate EMDR processing of the trauma. Mindfulness and other techniques demonstrated and explored in a group setting. Be prepared to try it yourself! ALL LEVELS.

EMDR & The Law

Charles Burdett EMDR Practitioner & Fiona Lucas EMDR Practitioner

This workshop will explore the legal aspects of working with people pre trial. ALL LEVELS.

Working with avoidance in EMDR

Pauline Fulham EMDR Consultant

Offering security to reluctant or fearful clients through an understanding of mechanisms and direct control of their own process in early therapy. Going beyond Psychoeducation, mindfulness/grounding and visualisation to consideration of techniques, timing and the nuts and bolts of process management. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL.

EMDR & Continuum Trauma

Derek Farrell - EMDR Consultant & Trainer

The premise of this workshop will explore idiosyncratic characteristics encountered by survivors of continuum trauma and to then consider these experiences in light of the conceptual framework of PTSD. These idiosyncratic trauma characteristics have implications with regards to appropriate psychological interventions for survivors. This will be discussed in more detail in considering the utilisation of EMDR with this particular group. ALL LEVELS.

Learning from EMDR Treatment Failures

Symon Day - EMDR Therapist

This workshop is not about giving you the answers, but about exploring questions - about how things don't always work out and what we can learn from each other. If you have a pathological need to appear flawless then this workshop may not be for you, otherwise we may all benefit from our wiliness' to share and learn from each others mistakes. ALL LEVELS.

EMDR & Children

Anita Sabey - EMDR Consultant

The use of EMDR with children and adolescents, in a CAMHS setting. Using case studies to demonstrate how EMDR is integrated within a child/person centred approach. ALL LEVELS.

EMDR & Pain

Helen Macdonald - EMDR Practitioner

This workshop will give participants an introduction to using EMDR with people who have persistent pain. The EMDR protocol (Grant and Threlfo 2002) can be used to promote more successful management of pain, and can change pain sensations. Targets might also include the impact of the pain on life situation. The workshop is aimed at people who have completed EMDR training, but who may not have applied it with this client group. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL.

Recent Event Protocol

Dr Art O'Malley - EMDR Consultant

Workshop by the international EMDR Consultant Dr Art O'Malley looking at the Recent Events Protocol and how to use this in clinical practice. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL.

EMDR in the MOD

Dr Jamie Hacker-Hughes - EMDR Consultant

Workshop to explore the issues and practice of utilising EMDR within the MOD. ALL LEVELS.

Feedback and comments from attendees:

“Excellent content, well done for the 1st event”

“Very enjoyable and informative day”

“Very good”

“Overall very very good”

“4x 1 hour workshops with good breaks - good arrangement very manageable”

“It was a warm welcome - thank you”

“Very enjoyable day”

“Spot on”

“Thank you for a very useful day”

“Excellent organisation and presentations”

“Useful day and well worth the trip from Suffolk”

“Congratulations and well worth attending”

“Lunch Good!”