Information about forthcoming and past regional meetings, workshops.

Forthcoming Events

Regional Meeting
The next evening CPD event will be held on Wednesday 21 November from 6pm until 8pm. As usual it will be at the Radisson Blu Hotel, 1 The Light, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 8TL. The topic will be Using EMDR in Complex Dissociative Presentations including DID and will be facilitated by Dr. Mel Temple, Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist at The Retreat, York. This will be an interactive evening focusing on practical applications and approaches of EMDR for clients with complex dissociation alongside PTSD and other comorbid disorders. Attendees are encouraged to forward case-based issues & questions to Mel on (without any client identifiers!) so she can look to use these as the basis for material covered in the session.

Please note: To make the most of the time available there will be an assumption of a working knowledge of standard EMDR approaches, the phased-based approach to complex trauma and working models of dissociation such as the Onno van der Hart (The Haunted Self) / Bessel Van Der Kolk (The Body Keeps the Score) structural model. These will not be covered in the session so please read up beforehand!
The cost will be £10 and if you are on the EMDR Yorkshire mailing list you will receive/have received instructions for booking and payment.
If you are not on our mailing list then please use the enquiry email address on the Contacts page to indicate you wish to attend and you will be sent the necessary payment details.

External Events

Other organisations may request a forthcoming event arranged by them that is taking place within the Yorkshire area to be listed on this page. There is a charge for this service and enquiries should be made on the contact page. Each request will be considered by the Yorkshire EMDR Regional Committee and only events that have been awarded CPD credits by the EMDR UK and Ireland Association will be permitted. Yorkshire EMDR Region is not responsible for the quality or content of any such event and is not liable for any issues arising from such an event.

Past Events

Regional Meeting Wednesday 12th September 2018 Radisson Blu hotel, 1 The Light, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 8TL. The topic was 'EMDR and Asylum Seekers' given by Anne Burgraef of Solace.
8th Autumn Workshop 12 and 13 October, 2017. Professor Ad de Jongh presented two 1-day workshops on 'EMDR and Anxiety Disorders' and 'EMDR and Complex Trauma'.
Ad is a professor in anxiety and behavioural disorders at the University of Amsterdam and honorary professor at the universities of Salford and Worcester.
Handout Notes
For a copy of the Thursday session handout notes please click here (username and password required)
Please click here for an additional paper on this topic
For a copy of the Friday session handout notes please click here (username and password required)
Please click here for an additional paper on this topic
For a copy of the running order for both days please click here
Further Papers and Links
Intensive EMDR to treat patients with complex PTSD
Stop the use of eye movements in RDI
The impact of eye movements and tones on disturbing memories
The relationship between the speed of eye movements and the modification of memories
For more information relating to fears and phobias go to: (not all in English)
For more information relating to Complex PTSD go to: (not all in English)
Working Memory Video
Please click here to download the short video shown during the workshop that explains EMDR and working memory.
Regional Meeting Wednesday 10th May 2017, Radisson Blu Hotel, Leeds, 6-8pm. Mark Brayne presented an overview of Attachment Focused EMDR. Please click here for a copy of his presentation.
Autumn Workshop 2016 The 7th Autumn Workshop in 2016 was be held on Friday 7th October.
Regional Meeting The regional meeting was held on Wednesday 7th September 2016 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, The Headrow, Leeds from 6-8pm. The topic was 2 case studies on unusual situations.
Regional Meeting Monday 25th January 2016, 6-8pm, Radisson Blu Hotel, Leeds.
A presentation by Derek Farell on various aspects of EMDR including a model for supervision.
6th Autumn Workshop Friday 2nd October 2015, York on the theme "How to ... with EMDR"
Regional Meeting Monday 20th July 2015, 6-8pm, Radisson Blu Hotel, Leeds.
AGM and a presentation by David Blore and Maggie Allison on Getting the Most from the Blind to Therapist protocol.
Regional Meeting Wednesday 12th November 2014, 6-8pm, Radisson Blu Hotel, Leeds.
The main topic was a fun quiz to test your knowledge of the AIP model and the 8 Phase Protocol with prizes for the winning table. Please click here for a copy of the the slides used in the quiz.
Regional Meeting Wednesday 14th May 2014, 6-8pm, Radisson Blu Hotel, Leeds.
The main topic was a presentation by Carolyn Stone and Paul Goode on using EMDR in time limited environments (i.e. where there are a limited number of sessions). Click here for a copy of their presentation.
Regional Meeting Wednesday 13 November 2013, 6-8pm, Raddison Blu Hotel, Leeds
Annette Morris opened the meeting by outlining thoughts of the committee regarding the future direction of the Yorkshire Regional group and asked for everyone's ideas on this. Her presentation is available here. The main theme of this evening was OCD and John Marr of the North East Group presented his updated findings and latest protocol for OCD. The meeting was very well attended which generated a lot of questions and discussion. A copy of his presentation is available here.
5th Autumn Workshop Friday 4th October 2013, Darlington on the theme 'EMDR The way forward: Changing the way we practise'.
Regional Meeting Wednesday 14 March 2012 - 2pm-4.30pm - Park Plaza Hotel, City Square, Leeds
A presentation was given by Chris Ryan of Combat Stress on working with ex-services personnel when addressing PTSD issues. Chris has considerable experience of being in the forces and has worked with Combat Stress since 2006. Please click on this link for the Powerpoint that Chris used.
4th Autumn Workshop Friday 5 October 2012, Sheffield on the theme 'After your EMDR training: Building Your Practical EMDR skills'. Click here for more information and copies of the presentations.
3rd Autumn Workshop Friday 7 October 2011, Durham on the Theme 'Developments in EMDR Practice'. Topics included: EMDR and Eating Disorders, EMDR and OCD, Using EMDR with Mindfulness, EMDR and the law and,Positive Psychology and EMDR.
2nd Autumn Workshop Friday 16 October 2009, Leeds on the theme 'Getting to Grips with EMDR Protocols'.
Click here for more information and copies of the presentations.
1st Autumn Workshop Friday 17 October 2008, York.
Click here for summaries of the presentations.